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SEO2PRINT’s PUR binding is perfect for all your books, brochures, booklets!

There’s something wonderful about holding a brand new book, brochure or booklet.

That feeling of opening the cover and turning the page: there’s nothing quite like it.

Of course the art of binding these publications has been carried out by experts like us for centuries, with a little help from modern chemicals and technologies.

When it comes to creating beautiful booklets, books and brochures for your clients, we know exactly how to produce the highest quality PUR-bound products at the right price.

That skill includes knowing which binding techniques are best for your marketing or publishing project. Let’s take a closer look at items bound with PUR adhesive and see how it compares to traditional perfect binding, using EVA glue.

The different types of binding

The binding method used by printers and publishers will depend on how big the booklet, brochure or book is and how many pages it includes.

The range of options includes saddle stitching, spiral binding and section sewn, but for now, we’re going to focus on perfect binding. 

Perfect binding

Perfect binding relies on a strong and flexible thermal glue to hold all the booklet’s pages together, before a front and back cover is added and cut to the exact same size.

You can spot a perfect bound soft-cover brochure by examining the spine and finding a layer of EVA adhesive between the pages’ binding edge and the cover.

PUR perfect binding

This method was introduced in the late 1980s and involves the use of polyurethane reactive or PUR adhesives. The key factor is a chemical reaction that binds the glue with the pages of everything from coffee table books to marketing materials on a molecular level.

What are the benefits of PUR binding?

Because PUR is more flexible than other perfect binding adhesives, PUR bound books with a square spine, brochures and booklets can be laid flat without the glue cracking.

In pull tests, a book made with PUR binding is stronger and more robust than those bound with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). 

Polyurethane reactive glue also performs better in extreme temperatures, and only requires coverage of around 0.3mm on the spine to firmly bind with the inside cover of your bound book.

Using less glue means costs can be saved, and there is less distortion of the PUR bound book and its spine’s shape over time.

There’s no wonder PUR glue has quickly been adopted by the binding industry as the leading choice of perfect binding, including for customers looking for short-run softcover book printing or thinner books.

What is the difference between PUR adhesive and ethylene vinyl acetate glue?

Although PUR perfect binding uses less adhesive, the EVA glue used in perfect-bound products dries fast, meaning they can be handled quickly.

However, a book bound with this adhesive isn’t able to withstand heavy or prolonged use.

Perfect-bound books with EVA or other adhesives are also unable to lay flat, while in the extreme cold, they are prone to brittleness and cracking.

In extreme hot conditions, the glue can melt, and in both cases could lead to page pull out and a softcover book falling apart. Not so with a PUR book.

PUR binding is perfect for all your marketing and printed products 

Polyurethane reactive adhesives are ideal for use on any bound booklet or book made from a wide variety of materials, including recycled paper, UV-coated or aqueous-coated stock.

Because PUR adhesive is more hard-wearing than ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), as well as resistant to extreme heat and cold, PUR binding is perfect for publications that are handled often, from brochures and booklets to children’s books.

Not forgetting that thinner layer of glue used when PUR binding books, brochures or booklets, will save resources on every printing project.

Where are you based?

Our expert team is based in Bishop’s Stortford but we help customers across the UK and internationally with all aspects of their printing and binding requirements.

We have more than 60 years’ experience in the print sector and pride ourselves on our market -leading service, covering everything from printing and PUR binding, to all aspects of quality control and delivery.

Our network of trusted suppliers means we get every job done to the highest quality, on time and on budget.

Let us help you bring your next PUR bound campaign to life.

Customer testimonials

Here are just a few comments from clients we’ve helped with their brochure printing and binding options.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with SEO2PRINT across a number of businesses spanning multiple industry sectors. They’re a truly versatile and adept partner who have become a vital asset in our planning and creative process. They’re a rare breed of professionals whom you can always rely on.”

Elias A Elia: marketing manager at Latwater.

“Standing out in the highly competitive mobile distribution sector isn’t an easy task. That’s why we partnered up with SEO2PRINT to help us achieve our print, POS and mailing aspirations. Their account management and understanding of our needs is second to none. They have become an integral part of our business and we can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Olwyn Heywood: sales director at CommSense.

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