Not Just a Box! Personalised packaging made simple

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At SEO2PRINT, we’re always on the lookout for the next big development, whether it’s a new print technique, an opportunity to save on your budget or the next ‘must have’ merchandise item. So now 2023 is upon us what is new for the year ahead?

Well, our industry insiders tell us this year it’s all about the box! Bespoke and personalised packaging is the way to go. With this in mind, we asked our resident print expert, Kevin Clark, to explain more about what’s involved in personalising product packaging.

If you’re selling a physical product, presenting it in a bespoke box, effectively branded with your company logo and product information can have a huge impact on your sales. Box embellishments will give your product the desired impact and make it stand out from others. For the finishing, options include:

  • Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Spot UV
  • Lamination
  • Die cut apertures

And don’t forget the box itself! Choosing the right substrate (material) will have an impact on
integrity and there are various folding and closing styles to choose from:

  • Crash-lock
  • Seam glued with tuck flap
  • Corrugated B-flute
  • E-flute
  • Paper over board with Friction fit lids
  • Magnetic closure and many more!

It’s also possible to include foam inserts to hold products such as USB sticks, pens, key-rings and diary’s, keeping your products safe and perfectly presented every time.

At SEO2PRINT, in response to the growing demand, we are expanding our production department and increasing capacity and output within our box making facility.

If you’re thinking of investing in quality packaging this year, our advice is to work with an expert in the field (obviously give us a call!). However, whoever you work with, there are points in the production process where working with a print expert can be the difference between a good box and a great package.

Ask your supplier for samples before committing. We offer pre-flight plain samples (CAD copies) on your chosen substrate, allowing you to see a physical box sample. This is the time to make last minute changes if required and, more importantly, ensuring your supplied drawings, cutter guides and design are set up correctly to achieve your expectations for the finished product. We’re aiming for no last minute surprises when the campaign is on the production line.

Make sure your supplier overseas the design passing through the repro department. We check numerous elements at this stage, making sure the chosen material suits the box design and the integrity of the box will suit your product perfectly. At this stage, using our expertise and knowledge, we help to make any changes required, as this can sometimes be a swifter and more effective solution.

As with most campaigns, there will always be a product release date, and this often leads to a stressful period of time for both client and supplier. If your supplier is anything like SEO2PRINT, they will assist in situations related to time issues with helpful hints and arrange pre-order meetings based on a production schedule. Talking throughout the design and briefing stages, discussing possible problems and suggesting proactive solutions, helps to achieve your deadlines and builds a positive relationship for future projects and campaigns.

The final part of any campaign will always be delivering your product on time. At SEO2PRINT, we use our own vans where possible and a network of national couriers. This ensures we keep you informed, with constant updates to give you piece of mind. As we all know, no job is complete until the order is received, then we can all breathe, relax, and let the sales roll in!

If you’re considering adding personalised packaging to your product range this year, we highly recommend chatting to our expert, Kevin Clark, before sending the brief to your design agency.

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