Why choose Seo2print the online marketing genius?

Why choose Seo2Print rather than other companies?

Before hiring a company, you need to look at their track record. After all you are giving these people a lot of money and entrusting them with the destiny of your company, ask them to show you their past client testimonials and referrals they should be proud of these and it also build your trust, we have several people you can call and speak to ask our staff for client list.

Some companies use underhand techniques to speed the process along. This is great initially and you will see a sudden rise in enquiries and profits. But these techniques are not viewed favourably by search engines and can cause you major problems (sandboxed) this is where Google penalises your site so it does rank for keywords and could be as far out as page 64. Easily avoidable check with your seo company their plans, timings and strategies, before you put pen to paper make sure you have a written contract of what the company is doing for you and how they plan to achieve this.

Avoid companies that promise you No. 1 rankings with the search engines this can only be achieved from a lot of long term investment. You will recognise this from the major blue chip companies within your chosen sector, as they have been working hard to claim their rankings for years. The good thing is we can over power them with the right investment and good quality work but it will take time. Seo2Print are offering you the chance to be amongst these companies to compete with them, by offering your services on page one to win that business from them, with also retaining your regular customers.

Seo2print always try to understand your business needs before we quote for your work, any company just quoting extravagant amounts of money before seeing and talking the full campaign through should be disregarded. Seo2Print have specialists who will research and arrange a free consultation with you, which helps us understand and get a thorough knowledge of your business and the services you offer or the product you sell. We will discuss the main sectors of your business and the most profitable services or products to show you the best retrun of investment. With this information its then that we advise you what to optimize to generate more sales. We start our research for you as soon as we get off the phone, even before we meet, then we devise a plan of what is needed to catch your competitors and start competing for new business.

Seo2Print works on results this is the main reason we do not tie you into a contract like our competitors, you need to believe in our work and its our way of gaining your trust we don’t need a 12 month contract, because after you have seen what we do, you would be crazy to leave. We work with you side by side to optimize the best keywords for your business that will attract the most amount of customers and revenue to your site making it the all important star of your company. We are confident in what we do and have many customers to back up our

When you choose Seo2print the sky’s the limit for your growth. Seo2Print can have businesses transformed in months taking them literally from bottom to the top.